How To Prepare Indonesia Sayur Bening Bayam Vegetable Soup

Indonesia Sayur Bening Bayam

Sayur Bening Bayam is a popular Indonesia vegetable soup which usually takes less time maybe 10-20 minutes to prepare, the food is rich with calories and zero Carbs, Fat, Protein.

spinach contains fiber which is very useful for digestion, Spinach contains folic acid which works to protect the heart muscle from increasing glucose levels. so, by consuming clear spinach vegetables at low prices and has many health benefits. The advantages of spinach are cheap and very suitable for women who are on a diet, also save time while preparing. The benefits of corn in vegetables is having good nutrition for heart health. So, diabetics can use corn as a healthy source of carbohydrates.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through on how to prepare the easiest Indonesia vegetable soup Sayur Bening Bayam commonly known in Asia countries. Ingredient in preparing Sayur Bening Bayam is easy to get if you are in Indonesia, but for someone who is not in Indonesia maybe you can check your local stores but if you located in United Arab Emirate’s stores like Lulu Hyper MarketAl Madina Market and the rest of them has it in stock for you, It is better to make sayur bayam / spinach made just before consumption.

Sayur Bening Bayam: Spinach 


– 1 bunch of red spinach

– 1 sweet corn

– 2 clove of Shallot

– 1 clove of garlic

– salt

– sugar

– water

– 1/2 teaspoon pepper

How to make:

  1. clean the spinach and cut according to taste
  2. clean the corn, sliced ​​until the corn is separated from the cob
  3. puree the onion-garlic Shallot and pepper
  4. sauté the spices until fragrant
  5. removed the sliced ​​corn
  6. pour enough water, wait until it boils
  7. Enter the spinach that has been cleaned, wait until 10-13 minutes
  8. give a little sugar and salt according to taste
  9. Then lift and serve.

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